What Patients Are Saying About Olathe Eye Care

"I was living in Olathe in July of 2000, and had been in to see Dr. Brinckman for contact lenses. I returned in September 2001 after having moved to Leavenworth. I actually counted the number of eye care offices that I had driven by on the trip from Leavenworth to Olathe! I was willing to make that extra drive (past all of the other offices) because Dr. Brinckman had done what no other eye doctor had been able to do - allow me to see BOTH DISTANCE AND NEAR with contact lenses. In 2004, I moved just south of Wichita. But I still continue to make the drive every year for my annual eye exam."
-- Debbie


Debbie was awarded the first Olathe Eye Care Patient Appreciation Award for her willingness to drive such long distances to remain a patient of Dr. Brinckman

"While visiting from Unilaska, Alaska with our daughter (an Olathe resident) in March 2005, we decided to see Dr. Brinckman. We were both interested in contact lenses, but our prescriptions had expired and we had never been told about any options for contact lenses that would correct the astigmatisms we both had. We were amazed at how much better we could see once Dr. Brinckman had taken the time to correct for our astigmatisms. Every year, we schedule an exam when we are visiting our daughter's family in Olathe."
--Daniel and Elizabeth

Daniel and Elizabeth were awarded the Olathe Eye Care Patient Appreciation Award in 2005 for their willingness to travel all the way from Alaska to remain patients of Dr. Brinckman.

"I first came to Dr. Brinckman in July 2005 to get contact lenses before transferring to Haiti on a security assignment.  Because Dr. Brinckman paticipates in research and development of new contact lenses, I was one of the first people in the country to try a contact lens that was being developed which allowed more oxygen to the eye.  Because of this, my prescription has actually reduced!  I return every year for my annual exam, and to find out what the latest developments are in contact lens technology.  Because of my job, I need contact lenses that are healthy and comfortable to wear for long periods of time."
-- David


"I was extremely nearsighted until I had RK in 1983.  The surgery didn't turn out great, and then my prescription was further complicated when I suffered a blunt trauma to the right eye.  I didn't think too much of it though, because Dr. Brinckman always seemed to be able to correct my vision so easily with glasses or contact lenses.  It wasn't until October 2007, when I truly appreciated Dr. Brinckman's time and expertise.  I was stationed in Germany, and had an exam and got glasses made.  They never seemed quite right, even after they were remade to Dr. Brinckman's previous prescription.  I now realize the extra time and attention given (even after the exam) to making sure that every pair of glasses is just right. Now, my wife and I return every year to keep my eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions up to date and monitor the health of my eyes."
--Michael and Birgit

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  • "Because Dr. Brinckman paticipates in research and development of new contact lenses, I was one of the first people in the country to try a new contact lens that was being developed."
    David - Olathe, KS