A Better Exam

What makes Dr. Brinckman’s exam a better exam?

At Olathe Eye Care we take advantage of the latest in technology. We begin each exam with extensive and thorough pre-exam testing on each patient. We use the latest technology and equipment which takes objective measurements of the eyes, allowing for a very accurate determination of the current prescription. We also provide an extensive visual field screening and the latest technologies in glaucoma detection.

Included in every exam, at no extra charge, are retinal photographs which allow for the best in retinal evaluation. While most other eye doctors charge an additional fee for these photographs, we feel it is important enough to the health of your eyes to make this a standard part of your exam.

We also provide an option for further imaging in order to ensure optimum health of every patient’s eyes. This option, called the Optomap, can often take the place of dilation and can be performed without any side effects. The Optomap provides an image of nearly the entire retina, showing 82% coverage, which allows for detection of many conditions and health issues. Learn more about Optomap imaging here.

Dr. Brinckman uses the best in acuity chart testing, which provides easy options for children and accuracy for adults. This eye chart technology reorganizes the letters in order to prevent any memorization that may affect prescription accuracy.

You will agree that the exam you receive at our office is unlike any other. Dr. Brinckman takes pride in giving thorough and personalized eye care, and strives to help each patient understand their eye health and achieve the best vision possible.


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  • "Because Dr. Brinckman paticipates in research and development of new contact lenses, I was one of the first people in the country to try a new contact lens that was being developed."
    David - Olathe, KS